Imagine an end-to-end marketing solution that’s so versatile, it helps every business achieve their unique goals.

At, we get that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s what makes Jangl Enterprise and its partners so successful.

Whether your product is calls or web leads and your focus is distribution or acquisition, we work to align our tools with your specific business needs. Take a big step toward advancing your profits.

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Customer Acquisition Solutions

Finding the right lead mix can be time-consuming and difficult. We’ve been in the lead generation business a long time and understand that not all customer acquisition plans work the same.

Our premium technology makes it simple to find what you’re looking for. Through Inbound Calls and Data Leads, customers are generated and filtered to meet our partners’ goals. Save your resources by using our expertise.

Call today and ask how we can tailor our strategy to meet your specific business needs.

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Technology Built For People

Revolutionizing customer acquisition and targeting.

Need quality leads, on-demand? Looking for a customizable enterprise solution? Want intuitive buyer controls and call tracking? It’s all here. is your end-to-end solution to customer acquisition.

Our cutting-edge technology connects partners and businesses, enabling you to get the leads you want, when you want them. Reach out and let us work for you today.

Enabling enterprises to succeed


Powerful. Elegant. Efficient.

That’s how we describe Jangl – the ultimate enterprise solution. It allows buyers to shop for calls and data by vertical, lead type and price. It’s dynamic, intuitive and tool-driven.

Oh, and did we mention it's customizable? Jangl can be easily tailored to use as your business’s own platform. We provide security. You obtain new customers at minimal risk.

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